Jenlain Blonde

Jenlain Blonde

Sister of the famous Jenlain Ambrée, this is a blonde with character, an authentic craft beer of the North. Its recipe was inspired by that of the Jenlain Ambrée but with a specific focus on aromas and flavors thanks to a subtle combination of hops. With its light bitterness, it is a beer you’ll enjoy on its own or as part of a meal and will marry perfectly with fish, cheese or meat.

Née en 2005.
Alc 6.8% vol

Les yeux
Golden color throughout with a creamy, off-white head.
Le nez
Flowery bouquet Cereals, rustic, earthy aromas followed by white flower, yellow fruit and green notes.
Le palais
White fruits and cereal aromas.
Light, sparkling taste with fruity aromas generated by the yeast esters, with a spicy and sweet endnote.
Jenlain Blonde


Conseils de dégustation

Jenlain Blonde should be served between 6° and 8°C.

The Jenlain Blonde evokes the northern French countryside and its rusticity, the grains, the soil, the flowers, yellow fruits and spices.

With its earthy, slightly bitter notes, Jenlain Blonde is a perfect lunchtime drink.It goes well with white meats such as pork, poultry, Potjevleesch (regional jellied meat dish) and is perfect with mussels or cheese.