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Jenlain ambrée

Jenlain ambrée

Top-fermented bière de garde, Jenlain Ambrée is one of the first French craft beers. Jenlain Ambrée managed to attract beer lovers at a time when lagers were largely preferred. It owes its success to its unique taste that goes beyond any fashion. Its copper color, its aromas of cooked fruit and caramel make it a widely recognized tasting beer but also a perfect ally for cooking.

Née en 1922.
Alc 7.5% vol

Les yeux
Copper color with a clear orangey glow. Creamy, ivory-colored head and fine bubbles.
Le nez
Roasted malt, toasted brea, hazelnut, toasted almonds, walnuts, tonka bean and orange marmelade.
Le palais
Light sparkle with an underlying smoothness. Slightly sweet with a hint of caramel.
Jenlain ambrée Jenlain ambrée


Conseils de dégustation

Jenlain Ambrée should be served between 6° and 8°C.

Found in the Jenlain Ambrée are notes of caramel, toasted bread crust, hazelnut, toasted almonds, nuts, tonka bean and orange marmalade.

It goes particularly well with such strong tasting foods as chorizo or black sausage or even smoked salmon, well-seasoned beef tartare and sweet and sour dishes. It goes without saying that it is the ideal accompaniment to our local Maroilles cheese, much favoured by the French kings. Slightly sweet, it can be served at the end of a meal and is perfect with orangey or chocolatey desserts.