Our Beers

Our Beers

Nos Bières en édition limitée

Nos bières blanches

A white beer with berries flavors.

A white beer naturally cloudy.

Only available in draft form. Find the bars that sell Jenlain beers in



The Bière de Garde: our style and our expertise

Bière de garde (meaning a beer that was “kept” not a beer “to keep”) refers to a beer that was matured for some weeks after its fermentation.

By taking the time to keep our beers in tanks for several weeks, we are extending the role played by the yeast and the natural fermentation that allows the flavors to develop. This “keeping” or storage technique gives Jenlain its round and harmonious taste.

We love our yeast and it loves us back

Historically, it is the same yeast that gives our beers “the Jenlain taste.” Its variety is not only well looked-after and preserved but also recycled from one brew to another. This yeast is one of the manufacturing secrets of Jenlain, a love story between this specific strain and the brewery. Yeasts are indeed living substances that react to their environment.

It is the hops that make Jenlain so special

For decades Jenlain has been using the Strisselspalt variety for all its beers, a refined, soft, well-balanced and lemony hop produced in Alsace. The Strisselspalt is added late in the brewing process so as to restrict its transfomation and give our beers more flavor. Jenlain also uses additional bittering hops: Magums and Brewersgold. Added at the beginning of the brewing process, these hops are transformed during the boiling phase to enhance the overall taste and the bitterness of our beers.


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